Welcome to Furniture Europe; your specialist for leather armchairs and sofas

Furniture Europe only offers traditional leather chairs and sofas from high quality brands, with the sophisticated character of a natural product.
Most of the range consists from furniture of sheep leather, saddleleather and bullleather.
The comfort you experience in this furniture is created because they are traditionally handmade and using only the finest quality leather. Typical of this type of leather is that it is not corrected / printed leather, in other words, 100% natural!
The open structure of the leather (not coated) feels very smooth and comfortable. This contrasts with the usual cheap leather that feels often cold and stiff (plastic).
With the proper use and maintenance, this is a product that has a long life.

Keywords: quality, exclusive, chic, casual, durable, timeless, comfortable lounge

Choose a chair or sofa with character that suits you
and feels like home in a chair or sofa
from Furniture Europe!

Merken: Bendic - Baxter - Poltrona Frau - Lounge Atelier - Paul Robert - Baan  


Of the following brands, known for exclusivity and class, you can find furniture with us:

Bendic International
Leather Chairs of England
Mol & Geurts
Paul Robert inc.
Nico van Oorschot
Lounge Atelier
King's Design
Christian Dior
Arthur Mac Millan
Spring Valley